Your Happy Wednesday Experience

Enjoy themed entertainment season round at Happy Wednesday with the thrill of live horse racing, live bands, exciting F&B choices, an international crowd and more.
Happy Wednesday is a happy place in Hong Kong that brings together an international crowd mid-week to enjoy a unique social horse racing experience in the heart of the city's centre.

Recent Stories


Zambia, Mumbai and Blaaze...

He’s gone through the fanciful highs of those early MTV Asia years and survived. He’s recorded with the great Indian composer AR Rahman.

Choreographer Lemon Doo about Dance things...

Lemon Doo is Hong Kong’s most in-demand choreographer. He and his dancers have backed this city’s biggest entertainers whenever they tour.

Galloping Foodies: The Trodders and J-Mac N Cheese

For our latest edition of Galloping Foodies, prize-winning former jockey Talia Rodder and her husband, Joshua, took on the culinary challenge.

Filmmaker Sri Kishore and His Labour of Love...

Sri Kishore, the Hong Kong-based Indian choreographer and film director was happy to talk about the stops, starts, problems with funding, reboots and the years taken to finish the soon-to-be-released

Galloping Foodies: Ian Sham

He’s a leading Hong Kong based bloodstock agent and the knowledgeable and jovial television host of his own racing programme. Ian Sham also enjoys spending time in the culinary world.