Your Happy Wednesday Experience

Enjoy themed entertainment season round at Happy Wednesday with the thrill of live horse racing, live bands, exciting F&B choices, an international crowd and more.
Happy Wednesday is a happy place in Hong Kong that brings together an international crowd mid-week to enjoy a unique social horse racing experience in the heart of the city's centre.

Recent Stories


Tainted Love

Brought to you by The Mix Sessions, here's Tainted Love by the adrenaline band like you've never heard it before.


Welcome to The Mix Sessions’ Wonderwall featuring Kel Segovia. Join us at adrenaline to catch more of his mesmerizing beats.

Happy Wednesday Turns Japanese

Starting on November 6 and continuing on November 13, 20, and 27, adrenaline welcomes you to Japan Night.

Japan Night at the Gallery

Join the grace and glamour of autumn at The Gallery on 6, 13, 20 and 27 November as we look to the land of the rising sun for inspiration on dining and decor.

Tear Drops

Welcome to The Mix Sessions’ Tear Drops featuring Jennifer Palor. Join us at adrenaline to catch more of her powerhouse vocals.