Your Happy Wednesday Experience

Enjoy themed entertainment season round at Happy Wednesday with the thrill of live horse racing, live bands, exciting F&B choices, an international crowd and more.
Happy Wednesday is a happy place in Hong Kong that brings together an international crowd mid-week to enjoy a unique social horse racing experience in the heart of the city's centre.

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Happy Wednesday returns to adrenaline

Happy Wednesday, Where the Good Times Roll, returns on Sep 11 and continues on the 18th at adrenaline.

Kickstart your Wednesdays at The Gallery & More

Join us to wait for the starters signal as racing returns to the The Gallery & Stable Bend Terrace on September 11 and 18.

Happy Wednesday's Jockeys to Follow: Dylan Mo

It might not have been as headline-grabbing as Vincent Ho riding and winning at Ascot and, recently, Newmarket, but another Hong Kong rider former apprentice Dylan Mo, put his off-season to good use.

Happy Wednesday's Jockeys to Follow: Vincent Ho

He might not have the nonchalant swagger of Zac Purton or the charm of the Magic Man Joao Moreira, but in the HK off-season that quiet achiever- Vincent Ho- has made the most of everything that's come

The Ballad of Channah- Chad and Hannah

They met in the UK. She was working at the office of well-known trainer Ed Dunlop, and he was riding for the stable to gain more experience.