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adrenaline is back: A Night of Good Vibes

Adding to the chilled atmosphere will be top class 'live' music. Join us at adrenaline every Wednesday starting Sep 8.

Jonathan King - In the court of The King Of Hits

He was the first person to tell the world in song that #EveryOnesGoneToTheMoon. He has made millions writing, recording, producing and owning his #Pop oddities that have somehow always clicked with...

Joao Moreira, The Magic Man

If there’s a certainty in horse racing, it’s that Joao Moreira will be crowned Champion Hong Kong Jockey for the 2020-2021 season.

Niclas Anker of Algorithms and What Matters

We first met during those days when video had killed the radio star and it was an MTV driven world. He was part of the AQUA entourage and I was with Universal Music. Our paths crossed and he missed...

Georgia Challinor - The Little Drummer Girl

Love the Little Drummer Girl - Georgia Challinor very much! She gets it. She’s not just shooting blanks. She’s making things happen. Session Rock drummer. Classically trained. Drums up a storm...