The Club has obtained permission from the Government to organise horse racing in June.
Apart from trainers, jockeys, Club officials and persons essential to the operations of races, Stewards, Voting Members, Owners, Members, members of the public and their companions who have made advance bookings will be admitted to the racecourses.

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Welcome back to Happy Valley Racecourse!

Welcome back to Happy Valley Racecourse every Wednesday! Venues are available to the public for booking NOW.

Bringing Good Times Back

The Okay La Aunties and the song "(Everything's Gonna Be) Okay La" featuring rapper Zong is a slice of positivity for the people of Hong Kong and to anyone and anywhere their vibe can reach.

Everybody now say those magic words:

Everything's gonna be Okay La!

The metaverse can wait. Enter the Auntieverse now!

Less blah blah blah, and time to make things Okay La!

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