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The Road To Hope - Part 2

Local performers have had to navigate our changing reality in recent years. Here’s how Indigo Town is finding the silver lining in every cloud.

The Road To Hope - Part 1

Amid the uncertainty of our times, Happy Wednesday’s resident band Indigo Town has an inspiring message for us all.

Peace & love (If You Know What I Mean)

It's all about peace and love in Ringo Starr's birthday campaign. Check out adrenaline’s resident band Indigo Town's tribute from #HongKong.

【Bringing Good Times Back】

This shows the importance of teamwork by marrying the excitement and colour and personalities of Hong Kong racing against the backdrop of life in today’s and yesterday’s 852- Hong Kong

Looking for some Wednesday night plans?

Looking for some Wednesday night plans? Come down to the Happy Valley Racecourse for an evening to remember.