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The HE-Man Vodcast featuring Andrew Bull - Part 1

Shooting the dim sums and ping ponging with DJ El Toro aka Andrew Bull about this and that and yin and yang with Parts Deux to follow soon...

Make Things Happen - Scottie Hui@BrickMeUpScottie

Everybody has his or her own source of happiness. For #ScottieHui, it's #lego. "Go out there, do things that make you happy...

IJC Limited-time cocktails, available only on Dec 8

Enjoy cocktails inspired by the world’s top jockeys at the LONGINES International Jockeys' Championship on Dec 8!

Enjoy good vibes and ‘live’ music at adrenaline

Enjoy good vibes and ‘live’ music at adrenaline as you experience the excitement of 2021 LONGINES International Jockeys' Championship.

The HE Vodcasts featuring Indigo Town – Part 3

The HE Vodcasts feat. Indigo Town Part 3: The David Bowie playlist, the influence of Beatles and the upcoming collaboration with HWB. Hans Ebert interviews one of Hong Kong's eclectic acoustic-funk...