The Club has obtained permission from the Government to organise race meetings on 23, 26, 30 Jan and 3 Feb under restricted conditions. Only staff members, club officials, licensed personnel and those persons whose role is essential to the conduct of the races are allowed to work onsite.
Other persons including Owners, Members, media and members of the public will not be admitted. Cross betting will not be available for the above race meetings.

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【Give Yourself Up to Imagination】- Chapter 1

Meet Madison, a girl who found herself lost in a world of fear and confusion…

Stay tuned for the official release of “Give Yourself Up to Imagination”

Stay tuned for the official release of “Give Yourself Up to Imagination” written by Hans Ebert next week.

The Song - 【Give Yourself Up to Imagination】

This song, written around two years ago with Trevor Carter, was the inspiration to what was to follow...I didn’t know it at the time...

Interview of Hans Ebert by Kat Coetzee

A fun chat with friend and editor Kat Coetzee on the background to “Give Yourself To Imagination”, the multi media project of mine which will be launched in the days ahead.

【Give Yourself Up to Imagination】

In a mixed up fruit salad savoy truffled whirlpool where everyone was so busy looking for answers that the most simple ways of finding happiness seemed to have been forgotten, in a small village...