Your Happy Wednesday Experience

Enjoy themed entertainment season round at Happy Wednesday with the thrill of live horse racing, live bands, exciting F&B choices, an international crowd and more.
Happy Wednesday is a happy place in Hong Kong that brings together an international crowd mid-week to enjoy a unique social horse racing experience in the heart of the city's centre.

Recent Stories


Oh La La’, It’s French Night at The Gallery

Sophistication and style are the way to go on 15, 22 and 29 May as Happy Valley evokes springtime in Paris and celebrates French Night.

Bon Appétit at adrenaline

Bonsoir Mesdames et Messieurs. adrenaline arrives with three spectacular soirées of French Night, spanning May 15, 22, and 29. Beautiful racing views, culinary corners, and the hypnotic notes

Korean Night at adrenaline

If you didn’t get a chance to soak in the Korean vibes last week, adrenaline is the place to be. On May 1, Happy Wednesday’s Korean Night continues with a fabulous flow of entertainment and more.

Racing Thrills: The Gallery & Stable Bend Terrace

Happy Valley is alive with excitement on Wednesdays this spring. To get you ready for FWD Champions Day, The Gallery and Stable Bend Terrace will be hosting Prelude to Champions Day on Apr 24.

Prelude to Champions Day at adrenaline

Kickoff the racing excitement of FWD Champions Day that takes place at Sha Tin Racecourse on Apr 28 with Happy Wednesday’s Prelude to Champions Day at Happy Valley Racecourse on Apr 24.