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Happy Wednesday is Back Online

Happy Wednesday is back- Online and on the Happy Wednesday Facebook page from September 9.

Zooming with The Magic Man - Joao Moreira

Racingbitch and The Mauritian Magician Karis Teetan

Each season, he keeps raising the bar.

Racingbitch drops in on the Schofields

Simply put, they’re extremely nice people and make the perfect couple.

Racingbitch tackles WA Racing Personality Brittany Taylor

She’s sharp, she’s personable, she was born into horse racing and is much more than being the Face of racing in Western Australia.

Racingbitch chills out with The Zac Attack

Just when you think you know pretty much all there is to know about him, Zac Purton drops the other shoe.

When Popbitch Met Racingbitch

Guess it was only a matter of time before Racingbitch would make a comeback. And there’s no time like the present.

Saddle Up for those Online Spaces...

It’s an online journey with various stops along the way and with its home being on YouTube.

Happy Wednesday’s Fashionistas: Ciara and Phoebe

A new girl band at the Happy Wednesdsay Beer Garden? Hannah Schofield interviews Ciara and Phoebe on their matching style.

Happy Wednesday’s Fashionista: Jacquelyn Jenkins

Jacquelyn Jenkins gives Hannah Schofield tips on how to stay stylish while traveling.