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Saddle Up for those Online Spaces...

It’s an online journey with various stops along the way and with its home being on YouTube.

Happy Wednesday’s Fashionistas: Ciara and Phoebe

A new girl band at the Happy Wednesdsay Beer Garden? Hannah Schofield interviews Ciara and Phoebe on their matching style.

Happy Wednesday’s Fashionista: Jacquelyn Jenkins

Jacquelyn Jenkins gives Hannah Schofield tips on how to stay stylish while traveling.

Happy Wednesday’s Fashionista: Paige Wills

Hannah Schofield found Paige Wills with her unique Hong Kong style in the Beer Garden on Happy Wednesday.

Happy Wednesday's Fashionista: Leanne Mullineux

Hannah Schofield interviewed fashionista Leanne Mullineux on her festive style in the Beer Garden on Happy Wednesday.

Happy Wednesday's Fashionista: Ektor Adam

Here is our fashionisto Ektor Adam who told us that the jockeys inspire his style.

Love is in the Air at The Gallery & Stable Bend Terrace

On 5 and 12 February, find your loveliest friends and celebrate at Happy Valley. This is the place to bring that special someone. To make sure your night on 12 February starts with the beauty

adrenaline: Love is in the Air

Whether it's a fun night with friends, a flirty evening with dates, or a romantic celebration with your other half, adrenaline is the sweet spot. On Feb 5 & 12, Happy Wednesday welcomes you to Love

Happy Wednesday Fashionista: Eugenia

Fashionista host Hannah Schofield chats with kimono-clad Eugenia.

CNY at THe Gallery & Stable Bend Terrace

Head to Happy Valley on January 22 and 29 and join us to greet the Year of the Mouse.