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Love is in the Air at The Gallery & Stable Bend Terrace

On 5 and 12 February, find your loveliest friends and celebrate at Happy Valley. This is the place to bring that special someone. To make sure your night on 12 February starts with the beauty

adrenaline: Love is in the Air

Whether it's a fun night with friends, a flirty evening with dates, or a romantic celebration with your other half, adrenaline is the sweet spot. On Feb 5 & 12, Happy Wednesday welcomes you to Love

Happy Wednesday Fashionista: Eugenia

Fashionista host Hannah Schofield chats with kimono-clad Eugenia.

CNY at THe Gallery & Stable Bend Terrace

Head to Happy Valley on January 22 and 29 and join us to greet the Year of the Mouse.

Find Fortune this CNY at adrenaline

Welcome to Happy Wednesday’s Fortune CNY at adrenaline on Jan 22 & 29.

Happy Wednesday Fashionistas: Lauren & Lemon Doo

Meet the two Ls: Lauren and Lemon Doo.

Happy Wednesday Fashionista: Nina

What do the beautiful Hananh Schofield and fashionista Nina Tasker have in common?

Happy Wednesday Fashionista: Claudia

Here's Claudia from New York.

Fashion Rocks The Gallery

Are you into music and style but need a space to show off your swagger? Then look no further - as Happy Valley on the 8th and 15th of January is the place you want to be.

Happy Wednesday Fashionista: DJ Sakura

Check out DJ Sakura from Japan.