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The Story Behind ‘The GUV’...

Jeff Lloyd is the Guv’nor because, well, he just is. He ruled racing in Brisbane for many years before bowing out at the top of his game.


Each season, he keeps raising the bar. It seems like he’s competing with himself more than anyone else. Competing to be that much better. That much more successful.

Open Spaces of Positivity

The brief to in-demand choreographer Lemon Ting-Fung Doo was: You have all the freedom to create a Contemporary Dance Suite that tells the story of those wide open spaces of creativity

Zac Attack!

He’s one of the best jockeys in the world, he’s won every major race in Hong Kong, and with Zac Purton, what you see is what you get.

Samba de Moreira

Whether he's in his element on the racecourse being the Magic Man, or enjoying some down time with his family, champion Brazilian jockey Joao Moreira always puts a positive spin on life.

Happy Wednesday Rewind

When embarking on what became creating the Hong Kong Jockey Club’s Happy Wednesday nights at the iconic Happy Valley Racecourse, no one could have been prepared for the journey that lay ahead

Continuing our journey to positivity: Douglas Whyte

The consummate professional. It’s how so many have described Douglas Whyte for so many years that it almost sounds like a cliche.

Aaron & HW join forces to make things positive

In a world working to heal itself by bringing positivity into lives, remembering that kindness matters and keeping things positive, teaming up with the Happy Wednesday brand...

Aaron Kwok on making things positive

After all we’ve been through this year, we’ve come to one conclusion: staying positive really does matter.

We're taking Happy Wednesday online!

Public attendance will be closed when Happy Valley races are back on Sep 9, but we’re still delivering a healthy amount of entertainment.