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Beauty Generation, HK’s master’s miler (III)

Every great horse needs a caring groom at his side: meet Lau Wai Kit, who describes the mighty Beauty Generation (美麗傳承) as “more than a friend, more like a son.”

World's most beautiful race course

It's a magnificent city center racecourse surrounded by giant apartments and skyscrapers -- giving visitors an unusually beautiful scenic view while watching horse racing.

Beauty Generation, HK’s master’s miler (II)

Legendary trainer John Moore has been responsible for some of Hong Kong’s greatest horses and feels there could be even better to come from his latest champion Beauty Generation (美麗傳承).

Beauty Generation, HK’s master’s miler (I)

Meet the team behind Hong Kong’s master miler. Patrick Kwok describes the emotions involved in owning...

A Ride Through A Happy Wednesday in Hong Kong

It starts for many on Monday when the race card comes out.

Fashion from adrenaline to Beer Garden

On Happy Wednesdays, Fashionista host Hannah Butler starts her night off at adrenaline before moving to Beer Garden.

Exquisite Taste at The Gallery

January is a month full of fresh flavours to savour at Happy Valley Racecourse. On January 9, 16 and 23, spend the evening sipping and supping at The Gallery...

adrenaline: Wines in the Valley

adrenaline begins your 2019 with a palatable journey into the world of wining & dining.

Get a Lucky Start with Gift at Races

2019 is just around the corner. The Lucky Series at Gift at Races is here to start your year off with luck.

Fashion gems grace Beer Garden

Gabrielle and Miranda, two fashionable academics from the States studying art in Hong Kong, give their tips for shopping in Hong Kong...