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Welcome to The Mix Sessions’ Wonderwall featuring Kel Segovia. Join us at adrenaline to catch more of his mesmerizing beats.

Happy Wednesday Turns Japanese

Starting on November 6 and continuing on November 13, 20, and 27, adrenaline welcomes you to Japan Night.

Japan Night at the Gallery

Join the grace and glamour of autumn at The Gallery on 6, 13, 20 and 27 November as we look to the land of the rising sun for inspiration on dining and decor.

Tear Drops

Welcome to The Mix Sessions’ Tear Drops featuring Jennifer Palor. Join us at adrenaline to catch more of her powerhouse vocals.

See you at Happy Wedesday on Oct 30.

Join us for a night of music, food & beer, and sensational racing.

the adrenaline band

Happy Wednesday...where the good times roll...even after the last race...

Go GVN, Go

He's a dancing machine. And he's got his Groove on. It's South African wunderkind jockey Grant van Niekerk.

Hannah’s Smile

Here’s a musical homage to Hannah Schofield. It's a ditty, it's catchy, maybe a nod to McCartney, but very much written to be a song for Mrs Chad Schofield...

We chat to Robbie Fradd

It was good to meet up again with former champion Hong Kong jockey Robbie Fradd at adrenaline last Happy Wednesday.

The Mauritian Magician and five of the best

The first thing heard about him had nothing to do with his riding. It was about his cheekbones- and how wonderful they are. This brilliant painting below by Hong Kong artist Hok Fung Li...